Texas Rescue Dog and His 2 Puppies Reunite by Chance in N.Y.C. After Getting Adopted Separately

Marvin the dog and his two canine sons, Leo and Murray, enjoyed a playdate together on Sunday near New York City’s Museum of Natural History

Marvin was the first of his little family of three to find a forever home. Three months ago, Mattie Kahn and Jason Hellerstein adopted Marvin and brought him to the Upper West Side of New York City. Since Dr. Dolittle adopts out to pet lovers all over the country, Marvin’s pups could end up anywhere.

Coincidentally, not long after Marvin was adopted, Leo found a home with Tara Derington, another Upper West Side resident. Derington contacted Dr. Dolittle’s shortly after welcoming Leo for some medical information, and learned during the call that Leo’s dad was living close by and that his brother was still looking for a home.

Hoping to get the whole canine family together, Derington encouraged her friend Anne Sachs to adopt Murray. Sachs, who had been looking for a pooch companion since the start of the pandemic, agreed, and soon Murray was living in the Upper West Side as well.

It was easy to reunite dog brothers Murray and Leo; friends Sachs and Derington just set a date to hang out with the pups together. The harder part was finding dog dad Marvin for a full reunion.

On a recent walk with Leo, Derington noticed another dog intently sniffing her pet. It was Marvin, out on a walk with his owners. Derington realized the pooch smelling her dog was the missing piece of Leo’s family reunion once she started talking to his humans.

The only step left to achieving a full reunion after this chance encounter was setting up a time for Leo, Marvin, and Murray to all get together. On Sunday, that special moment happened. All three dogs and their owners met at a dog park near New York City’s Museum of Natural History.

Even though they spent some time apart, Marvin and his two sons were back to acting like family in no time.

“It’s so exciting to see the dogs just so happy to be together,” Derington told Inside Edition. “It’s pretty special that we adopted three dogs all in the same family from Texas and ended up living in the same zip code.”